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Wellsys Tackle offers thousands of game fishing products from the worlds leading brands including:

Top Shot Tackle live bait and stitching needles, the world's best Top Shot fixed and Top Shot flying gaffs, Top Shot hook out guns, ready made Top Shot wind on leaders, Top Shot tag poles and Top Shot Snooter.

Black Pete Tackle including; Black Pete stitching needle kits, Black Pete rigging kits, Black Pete live bait needles, Black Pete stitching needles, Black Pete wind on leaders, Black Pete trace and tackle wallets, Black Pete tournament rigging kit, Black Pete tag bag, Black Pete rail storage holder, Black Pete safety lines, Black Pete lure rolls, Black Pete telescopic tag poles, Black Pete hand tagger, Black Pete fixed gaffs and Black Pete flying gaffs

Owner SF50-EXS and SF50-S jig assist hooks, Owner SJ-41TG and SJ-51TG jig hooks, Owner ST-66 and ST-76TN treble hooks, Owner Jobu trolling hooks, Owner long shank hooks, Owner hyper wire split rings and Owner solid rings, Owner rustop for the prevention of electrolysis on hooks and Owner treble safety caps as well as one of the best split ring pliers on the market in the Owner GP60 game plier.

Sundot marine flags are recognized worldwide and give you bragging rights.

Reelax 316 stainless standard and Reelax heavy duty rod holders in both 30 and 90 degree models, Reelax multi mount rod riggers, Reelax rod holder inserts, Reelax sealing caps, Reelax slimey tubes, Reelax swivel rod holder, tag line kit, Reelax tag line weights, Reelax shock cords, Reelax outrigger bases including; Reelax gunwale mounts, Reelax reef 450 riggers, Reelax t-topper outriggers, Reelax shot gun rigger, Reelax deluxe shotgun, outrigger spears and a selection of Reelax outrigger poles from 3m to 6.5m in either black or white.

Top Shot outrigger poles fit Reelax Gunwale Mount Outriggers, Reelax T-Topper Outriggers and Reelax 450 Reef Riggers. We also carry a wide range of supplementary outrigger items such as black nylon, cork balls, rubber bands, shock cords (Rupp and Reelax), stainless steel pulleys (Rupp and Reelax), tag line weights, bolts, saddles.

Comprehensive range of blue water trolling marlin lures, tuna lures, mackerel lures, wahoo lures, mahi mahi lures, sailfish lures and other pelagic species. Lures include; Top Gun Terminators (hard and soft), Top Gun Aussie 500 series, Top Gun Awesome Lures, Top Gun Aussie Appollos, Top Gun Aussie Plungers, Top Gun Aussie Tubes, Top Gun Nightmares (hard and soft), Top Gun Ball Bearing Nightmare Lures, Wellsys Long Barrels, Wellsys Hypahead Lures, Wellsys Puk Puk Lures, Wellsys Predator, Wellsys Invader, Zuker Feathers, Taranggau Lures, Hexajet Lures, Turbo Jets, Bullet Head Lures, Pakula Hotheads including; Pakula Hothead Zipper, Pakula Hothead Mini Sprocket, Pakula Hothead Phantom, Pakula Hothead Cockroach, Pakula Hothead Guru, Pakula Hothead Mouse, Pakula Hothead Rat, Pakula Hothead Sprocket, Pakula Softease Cockroach, Pakula Softease Mouse, Pakula Softease Rat, Pakula Softease Micro Sprocket, Pakula Softease Mini Sprocket, Pakula Softease Sprocket, Pakula Softease Medium Sprocket, Pakula Hothead Paua Micro Sprocket Jet, Pakula Hothead Paua Mini Sprocket Jet, Pakula Hothead Medium Sprocket Jet, Pakula Sprockrt Jet, Pakula Hothead Uzi, Pakula Hothead Fluzi, Pakula Hothead Micro Uzi, Pakula Hothead Mosquito, Moldcraft skirted lures such as Little Chugger Needlefish, Mold Craft Reel Tight, Mold Craft Super Chuggers, Mold Craft Bobby Brown Special, Mold Craft Wide range.

Deepwater jigs such as Shimano Lucanus Jigs, River2Sea Knife Jigs, River2Sea Zero Dropper Jigs, River2Sea Spike Jigs, River2Sea Turkey Slider Jigs.

Hard bodied lures such as River2Sea Dumbell Poppers, Halco Roosta Poppers, Yo-Zuri Surface Cruiser, Yo-Zuri Surface Bull GT, River2Sea Bubble Walkers, River2Sea Doggies, River2sea Rover 230, Duel Surface Sliders, River2Sea Steel Tremors, River2sea Downsiders, Rapala XRap Magnums, Halco Laser Pros including; 160 crazy deep, 190 deep diver and 190 crazy deep, River2Sea Killer Vibs, Halco Max, S.W. Lab Blade Runners, River2SeaTorpedos, River2Sea Skip Stick 135.

We stock Yo-Zuri octopus skirts for lure rigging, ranging from 4-1/4" to 14". We sell Yo-Zuri skirts retail and wholesale.

Lures can be rigged with the following hook rigs; Wellsys Game two hook rigs, Wellsys game one hook rigs, Wellsys Owner jobu hook rigs, Pakula Dojo x-strong hook rigs, Wellsys Maruto SS1920-2X Hook Rigs, Wellsys Gamakatsu SL12S Light Tackle Hook Rigs,

We offer a large range of offshore game fishing teasers including; Pakula Witchdoctor, Boone Sundance Teasers, Wavewalker teaser, Boone Birds, Mold Craft Enormous Johnson Teaser, Mold Craft soft birds, a bowling pin teaser, Marlin Mudflaps, soft squid in various sizes and also rigged in daisy chains. Plus Strike Poit Tackle titanium and stainless steel spreader bars and dredges, rigged with holographic teaser strips. Plus various teaser rig items such as towlines, dredge bombs.

DuBro pro series fishing tackle offer a range of useful and innovative tackle solutions including;DuBro outrigger release clip, DuBro Lanyard Release Clip, DuBro drop back release, DuBro Downrigger release clips, DuBro downrigger cable release clip, DuBro E/Z haywire twist tool, DuBro E/Z Twist Pro Tools, DuBro wire straighteners, DuBro Hook snelling and DuBro nail Knot Tools.

High quality outrigger release clips are available such as Rupp Zip Clips, DuBro outrigger release clip, Blacks Outrigger Line Release Clip, Aftco roller troller outrigger clips, Aftco roller troller flat line clip, Wellsys flat line release clip, Rupp nok outs, Rupp Klickers, DuBro lanyard release clips Deep Blue transom mount release clip.

Looking for downriggers and downrigger accessories for game fishing? Buy Scotty 1092 manual Propack Downrigger, Scotty gimbal mounts, Scotty downrigger wire, downrigger weights, Scotty weight mate for downrigger weight storage, Scotty downrigger weight retriever, Scotty Power grip plus release clip, Cannon Downrigger release clip, DuBro downrigger release clip, DuBro downrigger release, DuBro downrigger shock kit.

Find the highest quality gimbal belts and harnesses including; Black Magic Equaliser gimbal belts, Black Magic waist strap, Black Magic bent butt adaptor, Black Magic carry bag, Black Magic harness adaptor, Braid Sailfish Gimbal belt, Braid Brute Buster gimbal belt, Braid Brute Buster harness, Braid drop straps, Reelax sliding chair harness, Braid fighting harness, Braid Power Play gimbal belt, Braid power Play harness.

Select a set of gloves to suit your needs from Aftco Bluefever release gloves, Aftco Bluefever Wiremax gloves, Aftco bluefever long range short pump gloves, Aftco Bluefever Utility gloves, Caseys wiring gloves, Pakula Carbon Tracing Gloves, Pakula Leather Tracing Gloves.

We stock top range SHIMANO products including; Shimano Stella reels, Shimano Tiagra game fishing reels, Shimano Tyrnos game fishing reels, Shimano TLD 2 speed game reels, Ian Millar Shimano Tiagra T-Curve game rods, Ian Millar Shimano T-Curve Bluewater rods, Shimano TCurve Revolution Travel Offshore Rods, Shimano T-Curve Revolution 601 Spin Rod, Shimano scales, Shimano Diamond file, Shimano hook out guns Shimano reel covers, Shimano rod wraps, Shimano safety straps, Shimano Brutus Titan side cutters, Shimano Brutus titan long nose pliers, Shimano plier sheaths, Shimano Banar bag.

Our custom build rods include Gary Howard Interceptor 8kg short stroker rods, Gary Howard Gary Howard custom general purpose boat rods and Wellsys Tackle Custom Mini Game Rods, made by Gary Howard fro 15kg to 37kg with options of cork/leather grips and detachable short straight or curved butts.

Our swivels and snaps are high quality: Shogun 2-ring ball bearing swivels, Quickrig Sea Buoy Aussie ball bearing swivels, Quickrig Sea Buoy ball bearing swivels with corkscrew snap, Quickrig Sea Buoy ball bearing snap swivels, Shogun Dual Rotation Ball Bearing snap swivels, Black Pete Jap Snap swivels, Piscis Ball bearing snap swivels and Invisa swivels. Plus a range of quality Shogun Hawaiian snaps, Shogun coastlock snaps, Shogun Crosslock snaps, Shogun rolling swivels, Shogun crane swivels and Shogun crane snap swivels.

We have the best monofilament and fluorocarbon leaders, wire and fishing line from leading brands including; Jinkai Leader, Jinkai Plus leader, Momoi Standard Leader, Momoi Ultra Hard/Marlin Hard leader, Monoflex Hi-Test leader in 100m coils & bulk spools. Monofilament lines include Momoi IGFA Hi Catch Line, Stren High Impact IGFA Line, Platypus Pre-Test, Platypus bulk game lines, Sufix Ultra Supreme IGFA Line, Maxima silver & pink IGFA lines. We carry Asari Dacron in IGFA line classes. PE braids include two braids in IGFA line classes – Fins certified IGFA braid spectra superline & Playtpus Pre-Test Braid. Other PE braids in our range are 8 carrier Platypus Jigging Braid, Platypus Super Braid 200lbs in bulk spools in addition to smaller spools, Fins PRT Spectra Superline.

Also the best fishing hooks including; Eagle Claw Circle Sea Light Wire Hooks L2004EL, Eagle Claw Circle Sea Medium Wire Hooks L2004, Eagle Claw Circle Sea Heavy Wire Hooks L2045, Gamakatsu octopus circle hooks, Quickrig Charlie Brown Octopus Circle hooks, Super Charlie brown Circle Hooks, Owner SSW Inline circle hooks, Owner Tournament Mutu circle hooks, Shogun octopus circle hooks, Mustad Tuna Circle hooks 39960D, Mustad Hoodlum hooks 10827NPBLN hooks, Gamakatsu Saltwater Fly SL12S hooks, Gamakatsu Octopus Hooks, Shogun Extreme Octopus Hooks, Shogun Open Eye Ganging Hooks, Owner Longshank Hoooks, Owner Jobu Trolling Hooks, Shogun Extreme Assassin Hooks, Owner Offshore hooks, Maruto stainless stell SS-1930 Hooks, maruto stainless steel 1920-2X hooks, Shogun stainless steel T481 hooks in 7691 pattern, Pakula dojo hooks, Mustad Z-Steel 7691Z hooks, stainless steel Quickrig Hays hooks, maruto stainless steel southern & tuna SS-1962 hooks, Mustad 7766D hooks, Tainawa (snapper) hooks, Tru-Turn 711 Cone But hooks, Mustad 7799D Sea Master hooks, Maruto stainless steel double hooks, Decoy Sergeant N Hooks, Shogun exreme stinger treble hooks, owner ST-66 treble hooks, owner ST-76 treble hooks, owner jig assist hooks, owner SJ-41 & SJ-51 jig hooks.

Our jig and bait enhancement range will catch the smallest live bait to large offshore pelagics and includes; Black Pete Super Jigs, Shogun Baitmaster Jigs, Pioneer Snappa rigs, Sabiki bait jigs, Wilson bait jigs, Moldcraft bubbler heads, Hollowpoints, Hawk trolling heads, TT McWhogs , small Yo-Zuri octopus skirts, Yo-Zuri octopus lead inserts, Arafura octopus skirts, Shimano Lucanus Jigs, River2Sea Sea Rock Jigs, River2Sea Zero dropper jigs, River2Sea knife jigs, River2sea Turkey Sliders.

Our range of high quality fishing tools from the leading brands will not let you down and include; Black Pete and Top Shot deckies belts, Black Pete tool pouches, Iki jimi spike, Accusharp knife sharpener, Black Pete De-hooker, Hand Swaging tool CN-10, Jinkai hand swager, Bench swaging tool, Aftco fish bat, Maun parallel action side cutting pliers, Quickrig Bridling tool, Black Magic fishing pliers, HIT cable cutters, Release Knife, Top Shot hook out Gun, Black Pete heavy duty braid scissors, Pakula Stainless Steel Deckies Pliers, Owner GP Pliers, Shimano tools.


The Big Game Fishing Scene in Australia

Recreational fishing is a popular activity in Australia, particularly amongst the male population. It is a time for fun, relaxation and a prime excuse for a boy's weekend away. Fishing is also a popular activity for family holidays and offers fun for the whole family irrespective of age.

Wikipedia defines big game fishing as;

Big-game fishing, often referred to as offshore sportfishing, offshore gamefishing, or blue-water fishing is a form of recreational fishing, targeting large fish renowned for their sporting qualities, such as tuna and marlin”.

Game fish are fish pursued for sport by recreational anglers. They can be freshwater or marine fish. Game fish can be eaten after being caught, though increasingly anglers practice catch and release to improve fish populations”.

The most common saltwater game fish are marlin, tuna, sailfish, shark mahi mahi, kingfish, cobia, wahoo and mackerel.

Individuals who are interested in game or sport fishing are often (certainly encouraged to get) involved in local game fishing clubs which are affiliated with the various state and territory associations who are then affiliated with the Game Fishing Association of Australia (GFAA).

The GFAA is the longest established national fishing association in the world. It has been, and remains, a model and example for game fishing associations around the world. The GFAA is affiliated with the International Game Fish Association (IGFA) and plays an active part in the leadership of the sport of game fishing on a world level.

Wellsys tackle was set up in 1993 by game fishing enthusiasts Paul and Helen Wells to service the needs of game fisherman everywhere (particularly those in remote locations where specialized quality fishing tackle is difficult to source). Wellsys tackle is a specialist online (mail order) game fishing tackle retailer based in Australia. Wellsys continues to source and supply quality game fishing tackle from the worlds leading brands to not only the Australian market but also to game fishermen all over the world.

As part of its on going commitment to the development of the sport (particularly in Australia), Wellsys Tackle is proud to sponsor the following game fishing clubs and their tournaments;

Bateman’s Bay Game Fish Club
Botany Bay game Fish Club
Moreton Bay Boat Club
Port Macquarie Game fish Club
Lake Macquarie Game Fish Club
Shell Harbour Game Fish Club
Sunshine Coast Game Fish Club
Victorian Game Fish Club
NSW Game Fishing Association
St Helens Game Fish Club
Victoria (Bemagui) Game Fish Club
Southern Game Fish Club
Kiama Game Fish Club
Sydney Game Fish Club
Bribie Island Game Fish Club
Mooloolaba Game Fish Club
Canberra Game Fish Club
Cairns Bluewater Game Fishing Club
King Bay Game Fishing Club
Nickol Bay Sport fishing Club
King Bay Game Fish Club
Townsville Game Fish Club
Wollongong Game Fishing Club
Whitsunday Game Fish Club
Coffs Harbour game Fish Club
Nhulunbuy Regional Sports Fishing Club
Mooloolaba Game Fish Club
Central Coast Game Fishing Club

If you are into game or sport fishing and want fishing gear you can depend upon to win fishing competitions or just wanting to catch more fish then get your gear from Wellsys.